Chief Executive Officer, B2B Payments

The appointed CEO will succeed the Founder and lead the executive team as the organisation moves from a development stage venture to a commercial enterprise. 

Strategic investors have committed £50 million in funding to date to the business – which is being built to best address the $125 trillion global market for B2B payments – a market which is still dominated by the expensive, inefficient, and low/no value-add service provided by banks. 

The incoming CEO will possess highly relevant domain experience. S/he will understand the banking industry and possess trade / supply chain finance, payments, banking infrastructure, and/or, perhaps, relevant multi-enterprise supply chain business networks experience.  

The new CEO will provide clear leadership to the business internally and externally; establish and implement appropriate business processes; set, monitor and measure OKRs; introduce structure; cadence; and focus. And be able to manage MPN’s current business partners, and understand the requirements and expectations of current and any future investors.  

Candidates should therefore be familiar with the challenges and opportunities of start-ups/early-stage technology businesses. 

This is an excellent opportunity to join an established business in which much resource has been devoted to technology development in order to capture a huge market opportunity.  

Potentially interested executives are invited to contact Managing Partner, Daniel Osmer at 

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