Aareon Executive Assessments

Aareon AG is a Mainz, Germany headquartered leading provider of systems and consulting services for the European real estate industry.

The organisation operates from 30 locations in six European countries. The UK operation comprises two businesses, one of which was acquired.

In 2018 Aareon promoted two executives within the sales function of their UK business and Spectrum was asked to evaluate their talents via an executive assessment that is compatible with UK business practice.

This activity was carried out by Spectrum Associate Ian Muir and there were four stages to the process:

1.  Three psychometric tests which are completed on-line (Verbal reasoning, Numerical reasoning and Resilience)

2.  A detailed one-to-one interview

3.  A detailed personal feedback session

4.  Comprehensive reports

Using a completely transparent process in partnership with each executive enabled a rich dialogue and deeper understanding.

These assessment reports are being used by Aareon to inform future development activity as the company increases its market share within the UK economy.


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