eCommerce leadership searches in Seattle and London for Infosys

Infosys is one of the leading technology companies in the world with over 90,000 professional staff, a turnover in excess of $4bn and a market capitalisation in excess of $25bn. The organisation has offices in 64 major cities in 26 countries.

Spectrum was selected by Infosys’ Global Head of eCommerce and European SaaS to build Infosys’ core capability in eCommerce and SaaS. Our ability to identify and attract candidates with ‘in demand’ skillsets using a professional and candidate-centric approach was key to this decision.

From London, Spectrum searched throughout Europe, India and the USA for suitable potential candidates. Such candidates would not only be steeped in eCommerce and SaaS, but would also be operating at the very forefront of the latest developments in social media. It was crucial that candidates could operate effectively within Infosys’ process-centric corporate culture, and within what is a very complex, fast-growth global environment.

The core challenge of the search programme entailed sourcing globally dispersed, leading eCommerce and SaaS executives, who not only operated at the very leading edge of social media, but who also had the capability to drive large-scale, high-value projects for Infosys’ multinational corporate clients.

The logistics of effectively managing a globally dispersed and evolving selection process also presented a challenge to be managed by Spectrum, as did successfully concluding contract negotiation with preferred candidates who were in exceptionally high market demand.

Multiple executives were hired over a number of years in both the US and Europe, into eCommerce leadership roles including global product management, consultancy, programme management and sales.

Working with Infosys over a number of years to build their eCommerce capability on a trans-Atlantic basis was really challenging, but ultimately very satisfying to complete a project of this scale. Our search activity explored candidates in digital agencies who were operating at the very forefront of social media, and very often these individuals would not have even considered a global multinational organisation as, potentially, their next employer. However, the scale of Infosys capability, the quality of its clients and the complexity of its digital programmes proved to be compelling for some of the leading eCommerce leadership talent on both sides of the Atlantic.

Cathy Kay, Associate Partner, Spectrum

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International eCommerce leadership team recruitment

Cathy Kay