Rapid managerial appointments at Colt

Colt is a UK-headquartered provider of ICT services in 22 countries throughout Europe.

Then HR Director, James Griffiths, initially asked Spectrum to conduct an exceptionally rapid search for a Head of Interconnect in the UK. Spectrum produced its shortlist at the end of day five of the search, from which a candidate was successfully appointed.

Spectrum’s response to Colt’s urgent need then led to three other searches, all of which were successfully concluded.

These included the hiring of an individual to lead Colt’s pan European offering in the financial services sector, which contributed over 50 per cent of Colt’s total revenue at the time.

The other two appointments were in the pan European SME channel business.

We were struggling to find a UK Head of Interconnect, and I gave Spectrum a week to provide a short list with the promise of more work if they were successful. Needless to say they were. They did all the things I like and respect in headhunters: kept their promises, reacted quickly, managed the candidates (and us), plus challenged us when needed. This made it a great experience on both sides. Eight years later and most of the candidates they placed are still in Colt. Ultimately they spoke our language.

James Griffiths, former HR Director, Colt

Search should be a thorough, research-led process. However, with the right team and focussed knowledge, it can be performed very rapidly when our clients demand it. As an agile boutique, we are able to respond to client needs very rapidly when the situation demands it. We did this successfully for Colt, and were rewarded with three further projects to complete.

Daniel Osmer, Managing Partner, Spectrum

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Daniel Osmer