Solution Architects and Programme Directors recruitment programme for Platinum Partner

The rapid growth in demand that was experiencing meant that it had significant headcount needs within its consultancy division; most notably for Solution Architects and for Programme Directors.

Spectrum was engaged by the Corporate Services Director, Julia Uttley; Director of Consulting, Kay O’Brynne, and co-Founder, Fawzi Fares, to run an efficient process to enable the successful recruitment of four-five technical specialists each month.

Spectrum devised a programme whereby hiring managers attended a one-day per month assessment event, during which time they met and interviewed a number of candidates, all of whom had already passed a first-round assessment with Spectrum.

This process minimised the amount of management time required from CloudSense, whilst enabling it to maintain a very high calibre of individual recruited.

Responsible for recruitment in a fast-growth company, I needed a reliable and effective recruitment partner to manage a rolling recruitment programme for a range of technical and business roles. I had worked with Daniel Osmer at Spectrum in the past and following a stringent selection process, decided to hire Spectrum again for this programme. It involved Daniel and his team in running a continual search process, screening candidates, conducting first interviews and selecting appropriate candidates to attend monthly assessment centre interviews with the hiring managers. Spectrum ran this programme very efficiently, meeting the headcount growth targets of the company, achieving a high offer:acceptance rate and, importantly, saving valuable time of the hiring managers themselves. I would certainly recommend Spectrum's creativity, organisational ability and effectiveness to anyone looking to outsource a rigorous and intensive recruitment programme such as this.

Julia Uttley, former Corporate Services Director, CloudSense

This project was fairly unusual for us given the volume of hires involved, but we knew we could deliver value to CloudSense because, although the numbers it wished to recruit were relatively high, it was not prepared – rightly – to compromise on the quality of the candidates it hired into the organisation. As a privately held, very fast growth organisation, the cultural fit was as important to assess as the quality of technical skills.

Daniel Osmer, Managing Partner, Spectrum

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UK consulting team recruitment programme

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