Our relationship with clients is based on delivering exceptional service and results, and requires the total commitment of both parties to succeed. Accordingly, we only ever represent clients on an exclusive retained basis – we never work on a contingency approach.

This model allows us to fully commit the required resources to any assignment, to treat each and every client fairly and in exactly the same manner, and to be credible with potential headhunted candidates.

As a boutique executive search firm we are relationship driven. That means clients may contact us anytime, anywhere, and we will always respond as soon as possible.

Very often, our clients have limited experience of working with executive search firms. A key part of our role is therefore to coach and guide the client – as well as candidates – through the whole process.

The process is always rigorous, and it is this rigour that ensures a high-quality outcome for the client, and for the appointed candidate.

We are always mindful that any board or executive appointment we make will have a substantial impact on the success of our client, and that ‘getting it right’ is therefore absolutely paramount.