3rd Spectrum & Ardent eCommerce Leadership Dinner, April 2015

Spectrum’s 3rd eCommerce Leadership Dinner took place on 27 April in London in association with Ardent Advisors, the corporate finance firm.

Unlike previous debates, this dinner focussed deeply on one topic: the role of content in eCommerce. The impact of mobile, and data security were also discussed.

The key points of debate and discussion were:

  1. Ultimately, it is the user experience that is key.
  2. At what point does content become advertising, and the important implications of this distinction.
  3. More content on mobile sites = less conversion.
  4. If purchasing decisions are exclusively cost based, then content is not helpful.
  5. The ‘paradox of choice’: present too many options and consumers won’t make a purchasing decision.
  6. Content is the most efficient way of driving a customer base.
  7. Bear in mind when deriving a content strategy that some consumers browse, whereas others come to a site to make a specific purchase.
  8. A ‘blended approach’: to create, curate and aggregate content is optimal.
  9. Bear in mind when deriving a mobile strategy whether consumers visit your site to buy, to research, or simply to browse.
  10. Google recently issued an upgrade with regard to the ranking of mobile-ready websites.
  11. Mobile can best take a retail offer to social.
  12. Be wary of apps: only 11% have more than two commercial apps on their phone.

The Spectrum & Ardent eCommerce Leadership Dinners are a quarterly invitation-only forum for peer-level strategic discussion and relationship building.  To register your interest in attending our next London event, please contact: sarah.rush@spectrum-ehcs.com.

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