Online Brands Leadership Dinner, June 2019

On the evening of 11th June, Spectrum and Ardent co-hosted a private dinner in Mayfair for leaders of online brands.

Twenty senior executive guests joined us for networking and a discussion over dinner. Topics discussed included:

  • Target demographic is critical to understand when selecting marketing channel/s
  • Facebook is the best performing digital channel now for some, and others reported a higher spend on Facebook and Instagram than Google
  • TV sponsorship still has a role to play, particularly for the mature audience
  • There is a difference between customer acquisition activity, and brand building activity
  • Influencers should be tested to ensure they are a good fit with the audience
  • Role to play for niche influencers, and micro influencers with authentic content and a loyal following
  • When hiring agencies, it’s important to hire the person and not the agency
  • CEO should own brand
  • Great product, great packaging, PR and digital goes a long way – but there is no panacea when it comes to brand building

To register your interest in attending our next London event, please contact Sarah Rush at Spectrum.