Webinar: Beyond the Pandemic – Lessons Learnt & Opportunities Ahead in Online & Blended Learning

On Tuesday 23rd March, Spectrum, the technology sector executive search firm, co-hosted with Wild Search, the education sector executive search specialists, an online panel discussion viewed live by an audience of almost 100 globally.

It was a wide ranging, stimulating and informative discussion with five education and technology leaders from around the world: Michael Chung, Chief Executive, CIG Education Group; Robin Headlee, Managing Director, Discovery Education International; Dr Wendy Piatt, Chief Executive, Gresham College; David Roberts, Founder & Chief Executive, KidsLoop; and Catherine Whitaker, Chief Executive, EtonX.

Key themes addressed included:

  • 2020-21 has witnessed a mass global experiment in online learning
  • The pandemic has rapidly accelerated a process (the adoption of digital learning) which had already begun
  • There is now a greater acceptance of the validity of online learning
  • Standard technology tools are not designed for online learning
  • Online can make education more accessible, and prices are likely to lower over time
  • Care needs to be taken to ensure that the ‘digital divide’ does not exclude learners
  • Online learning can therefore be a promotor of social mobility but has the potential to widen the economic divide. This has to be monitored by governments and agencies
  • Technology not only widens access, but enables partnerships between schools to improve standards
  • One panellist reported that, in the US, a blended or hybrid model produced optimal results, and that these learning outcomes were even greater for more challenged groups
  • Effective hybrid or online education requires the right tools, really good programme development, and teacher training
  • The technology exists, the will exists, and the capital is available – future success will, in part at least, be dependent on political support at national level
  • And the wholehearted acceptance of online tools by teaching professionals
  • In 2-3 year’s time, there will be a sufficient body of data to establish models of learner development and progression
  • Clever leadership is required to continue to harness the benefits and momentum of online learning, whilst ensuring that its weaker elements are addressed

The session can be viewed in full online here.

Managing Partners

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