Spectrum Research Report: The role of the Board Chair within privately held growth businesses

Much has been written about the role of the Board chair within publicly listed (PLC) organisations, but much less so in the context in which we primarily work: i.e. with fast growth, privately held businesses.

Spectrum’s report: The role of the Board Chair within privately held growth businesses is research based.

Its purpose is to facilitate a greater understanding of the role and contribution of the Board Chair amongst key stakeholders, and to optimise the contribution of the Chair to the private, growth company.

The research findings challenge some commonly-held assumptions.

And the report also covers the basics, such as: what do Chairs get paid, do they get equity, how much time do they contribute, how are contracts structured? etc.

What is clear is that the differing priorities of various stakeholders regarding the Board Chair role have very important implications for driving optimal performance in private growth companies.

Both PDF and hard copies are available and we have received positive feedback from readers:

  • “Excellent piece of research that provides much needed benchmark data.”
  • “I read the Board Chair research document and thought it was a great document. It is concise and clearly summarises key divergences in views, a matter which is close to our heart.”
  • “We have a copy of ‘The role of the Board Chair within privately held growth businesses’ and it has proven to be really useful when interviewing candidates for the board.”
  • “It’s good reading and feel it really nails the key issues around smaller organisations making effective use of a board chair in a privately held company.”
  • “Thanks for the interesting report, a contrast from public companies. A few of your quotes note the challenge to create and establish a positive impact.”
  • “Very interesting, thank you Daniel.”
  • “I had read the online version with great interest.”
  • “It is well done, helpful and relevant, thanks for sharing.”
  • “Thanks for sending through the recent research on Chairs in private companies. I found it well laid out and informative.”
  • “I enjoyed the booklet. Is there a PDF version I could pass around the team?”

To download a complimentary copy of the report please follow this link.

Hard copies of the report are available from, and feedback can also be directed to: response@spectrum-ehcs.com