How we collaborate with potential candidates

Our relationship with candidates is core to our business, and to the success of our clients. It is a relationship that we cherish.

Many of our candidates have gone on to become clients, and vice-versa, and the key to a mutually successful relationship is that we work together based on shared trust.

This means that we will communicate clearly, promptly, and confidentially with you. We will disclose fully, and sometimes this means we will ask you to enter a mutual NDA. We respect the time you invest in the process, and that the decision to take on a new role is one that will impact you and your family, and is therefore not to be taken lightly. Our objective is to ensure the optimum fit between client and candidate, and to deliver a sustainable outcome for both parties.

In return we ask for your commitment to the process, and for full disclosure. If we mutually agree that you should meet our client, both our reputations are at stake – our mutual trust and respect is therefore paramount.

Clearly, not every candidate can secure the role. At the very least, we hope your experience with us has been enjoyable, that you have gained valuable experience from it, and we will stay in touch for the remainder of your career.