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The Spectrum Guide to nailing the interview

Chances are, as a senior executive, you may not have attended an interview for many years. Like any skill, the less you do it, the rustier you get. So, here is Spectrum’s 13-point plan to maximise your performance at interview.

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The Spectrum Guide to perfect sales recruitment

Clients are often very nervous about sales recruitment.

It is easy to understand why: • Sales performance is easy to measure, and therefore success – or failure – is very visible; • Sales is not a ‘profession’, and therefore candidates won’t possess a formal sales education as if they were a finance or legal professionals for example; • Sales models are changing, and therefore some sales methodologies are outdated; • Getting sales recruitment right is crucially important to a business, but so often it fails, which is why many candidates have numerous employers listed on their CV.

However, there is an answer to successful sales recruitment.

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