EdTech Leadership Dinner, London, January 2022

On the evening of 25th January, Spectrum, the technology sector executive search firm, and Ardent Advisors, the technology sector corporate finance firm, co-hosted a roundtable discussion dinner for leaders in the EdTech sector in Mayfair, London.

It was a delight to be joined by 18 Founders, CEOs, and board members from the digital learning sector for some real-life networking and a lively discussion over dinner.

Some of the key themes explored on the night included:

  • The critical importance of education, and the role of technology, in society globally
  • The attraction of the sector to executives who have previously scaled-up or transformed technology and technology-enabled businesses in other sectors
  • The pandemic’s role in accelerating both the adoption of digital learning and the appetite of investors
  • An exploration of who the customer really is for digital learning solutions – the teacher, the learner, or the economic buyer?
  • Despite this, the need to focus on the needs of the learner – but to be mindful of the other stakeholders
  • A reminder that technology is the enabler, but the teacher remains paramount
  • Micro-learning, gamified experiences, and the role of personalisation
  • The need to focus on learning outcomes
  • The role of governance and the potential for regulation in the future

Further EdTech themes were explored ten months previously via a webinar, the key elements of which can be read here.

This was the latest in a series of themed leadership dinners hosted by Spectrum and Ardent.

To find out more, or to register your interest in attending future events, please email ngaire.coulthart@spectrum-ehcs.com