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What is a board’s role in a family business?

As part of PwC’s series examining Family Business Corporate Governance its first module focuses on the board’s role in a family business. It will help you understand how to build an effective board for your family company, and how boards can assist with some of the particularly challenging issues family companies face. You may want to evolve or change your governance model and what you could expect from a board if you do so. Whilst each family company’s situation is unique, the aim is to provide a framework of how corporate governance practices apply to family companies so you can decide what’s best for you.

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The Importance of Being a Chairman

The chief executive may get the glory and the salary, but leading the board is an increasingly important role, requiring subtlety, maturity and an iron grip on the agenda.

A good chairman is at least as important for the long-term prosperity of a business as a good CEO, and often harder to find.

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Robot appointed to board

A venture capital fund has appointed a machine learning program, capable of making investment recommendations in the life science sector, to its board.

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Advisory Boards: An untapped resource for businesses

BDC undertook the first-ever Canadian study on the use of advisory boards by small and medium?sized enterprises (SMEs). The study describes how advisory boards work in these businesses and quantitatively demonstrates that SMEs that use them have superior growth and better financial results.

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Show grey suits the boardroom door

Andy Clarke, Chief Executive at UK supermarket group Asda, has claimed British companies would lose out if they do not get more young people on their boards. Anthony Hilton of the London Evening Standard puts forward his case for the fundamental changes required in British boardrooms.

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